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lightning strike takes out modem and more

12 November 2005

On Sunday 6-Nov-2005, a nearby lightning strike took out the dial-up modem connecting reasor.com server to the internet.

In addition to the modem, the cable splitter inside my house was damaged, affecting both my tv and high-speed internet service, and had to be replaced. Equipment was also repaired on a the pole outside my house before my service was finally restored.

I just got out to the store today 12-Nov-2005, to replace the modem. Overall, reasor.com was unavailable for about 6 days.

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  1. Gary, I haven’t looked at reasor.com in a long time-not since the first thing to see was Daniel Sheffy Reasor’s picture and information regarding the bridge at Dryden which was named for him. He was my great grandfather, and I have several pieces of furniture from his house at Deep Springs and a letter he wrote back from trhe war. How are you related to him?

    Emma Bea

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